Application - Cherrydeck - Stills Photographer

This is the second part of my application (besides the PDF I attached). This webpage showcases my portfolio to the application – Stills Photographer in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. Since the definition of the opportunity is broad, I would like to present all the jobs I did at the intersection of lifestyle and technology. These are four types of photography in the portfolio – interior, interior for companies, portraits and event photography. 

Regarding interior photography, I do both photoshoots for large clients such as Airbnb or hotels as well as for companies (co-working, events…)

Regarding events, I have photographed many interesting happenings during the past year (LinkedIn event – Talent Awards, workshop held in Stockholm by European Commission, Ball of friendship which served as a celebration of 100 years of the foundation of the Czechoslovakian Republic)

Please, take a look at examples of my work related to the opportunity and let me know if you have any questions.