Stockholm Interior and Exterior Photographer

Are you looking for an architecture/interior/exterior photographer in Stockholm? I photograph all kinds of architecture projects from hotels and Airbnb property through offices, shops and restaurants to residential buildings for architecture firms, design agencies or real estate companies.

Take a look at some examples of my work.

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Would you also like to have professional pictures of your interior and exterior? Hire my experience.

I photograph both the exterior and interior of each property. I use different lenses and HDR technique to ensure high quality and variability of the images.

Contact me and I will come back to you with a pricelist and more information about my services. Please, mention location which you would like to be photographed. 

Would you like to see more of my work?

Look at examples of my work for Airbnb. It is my largest client. I photograph the best rated accommodation in the Stockholm area. I photographed most of the flats, houses and villas which are evaluated as Airbnb Plus. Click on the links below to see some of my jobs.

Amazing villa in the countryside of Stockholm

Click here

Beautiful flat in the heart of Stockholm

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An arty hideaway

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Jarda Zaoral

Jarda Zaoral

About Me
My name is Jarda and I am a young passionate photographer based in Stockholm, originally from the Czech Republic. I worked for a long time as a consultant but my passion for photography was so strong that I decided to leave the comfortable office life to follow my dream. I have been interested in photography since I bought my first DSLR camera when I was 15. The life changing event for me was my big project European Peaks during which I climbed the highest mountain of every European country. I realized that photography is what I want to work on in my life. I started with landscape and wedding but subsequently I also entered other fields of photography including interior, event or product photography. Did my story and portfolio get your attention? Are you interested in my services? I am offering you a creative and modern way of photographing. I speak English, Swedish, Czech and a bit of German. Send me a message if you have any questions.